Event Safety Management Workshop

10th February 2020 @ 6:15 pm – 9:00 pm
Viking Clubhouse
Craig Duff
0115 896 8821
British Canoeing Course
The club will be paying for some members to attend. Apply to committee@vikingkayak.co.uk
The focus of the workshop is to raise awareness of safety management and duty of care issues as they effect clubs, both in their normal everyday activities (closed activity) and also when they may engage in running events open to others. 
Price: £15 (Inc Vat)
The workshop provides guidance and support to mitigate responsibilities using the concept of an ‘event span of control’  to bring simple well organised solutions that people can understand and apply during even the most complex process. 
As an outcome to the workshop attendees cover:
  • Duty of Care
  • Reasonable Action – In line with risk, experience,frequency
  • Risk Assessed Activity – Regularly reviewed
  • Practices and Procedure  – Simple and Clear
  • Documented Procedures – Evidence based procedures 
  • Appointed Persons  – Against experience matrix
  • Review / Update
During the course participants;
  • Consider the five stages of event planning 
  • Consider the relationship between those stages & safety management
  • Develop & share experiences
  • Consider centralised resources
  • Consider application against experience through scenario based training.
As an outcome we hope to acheive:
  • Common methods for managing  risk
  • The use of an event checklist for safety management
  • Greater appreciation of the need for span of control
  • Develop the use of ‘CALM’ in dynamic risk management