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In January 2019, British Canoeing Awarding Body launched the new Personal Performance Awards. They replace the existing Star Awards.

Paddle Awards:

Start Award

The Start Award is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a place to start your paddling journey. If you’re brand new to the sport and really want to learn the basics to get started, then this is the award for you. You’ll cover everything from getting in and out of the boat, what you need to wear and paddling forward.

You don’t need any previous experience to take your Start Award, just the desire for fun! You can take the award in any craft, from kayaks, canoes and SUPs.

Discover Award

The Discover Award allows you to develop your decision making and practical skills for a fun and safe time on the water, as you become a more skilled and independent paddler. Through this award you will learn how to choose and effectively use equipment, whilst developing an understanding of the factors which affect your paddling.

You don’t need any previous experience to take your Discover Award, just the desire for fun and learning! You can take the award from any craft, from kayaks, canoes or SUPs.

Explore Award

If you want to become independent on the water, go on self-guided adventures and know how to control your craft and stay safe on the water, this is the award for you. If you’ve never been paddling before, it might be worth starting with the Start and Discover awards. In this award you will take ownership of your own decisions and learn to make confidence choices, based on the places you paddle, wind and weather.

Anyone can take the Explore award. Designed to help you gain confidence on the water, it is aimed at any craft, age and ability.

Paddlepower Award

Paddlepower has been designed around the needs of young people – fun, colourful and with easily identifiable progression. There is a colourful Progress Card for young paddlers to record their progress and to encourage them to move to the next stage. On completion of the award the youth sends the Progress Card to British Canoeing to receive a certificate. British Canoeing recommend Paddlepower as most suitable for young people aged 14 or under. For more information on paddlepower email:

Discipline Specific Pathway Awards:

Each of the 12 disciplines have 3 levels of awards.

For example the White Water Discipline: White Water Award, Progressive White Water Award & Advanced White Water Award

The 12 Disciplines are: White Water, Canoeing, Surf Kayak, Sea Kayak, Touring, Stand Up Paddleboard, Freestyle, Rafting, Polo, Racing, Slalom, Wild Water Racing.

Safety & Rescue Courses:


British Canoeing FSRT – Foundation Safety and Rescue Training – How to save yourself and others. Learn the key safety and rescue skills required to operate safely in a sheltered water environment and to be able to deal with common emergencies.


British Canoeing AFA – Aquatic First Aid – first-aid and lifesaving skills in an aquatic environment, with particular attention paid to the situations paddlers are most likely to see.


British Canoeing WWSR – The White Water Safety and Rescue Training course is designed for all paddlers operating in a moderate to advanced white water environment in either kayak or canoe, and is required for those seeking their  leader award.


Why not give back some of the skills and fun you have had! Learn to teach Canoeing and Kayaking. These courses will run when required. Contact for more information.

Paddlesport Activity Assistant

New Paddlesport Instructor

Coach Award

Performance Coach

Coaching Diploma

Upcoming Courses:

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